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Invitation to Advent in Izehoe!

Our friends in Itzehoe have again sent us a kind invitation for anyone who wishes to visit the Advent Markets from 30th November to 4th December


Celebrations in

Saint Genis Laval!

A small delegation went to SGL to take part in the Armistice Day celebrations and renew firendship links


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The Objectives

Cirencester has a long history of twinning links, but in recent years activity had slowed.    We have been twinned with Itzehoe for many years,  and strong friendships have been established  with exchanges and trade links.

Under the leadership of a small, newly formed committee the Cirencester Twinning Association has begun to re-establish, and build strong links with our friendship towns once again.

There are many drivers of interest in twinning and the Association will offer different things to different members.  But the overarching goal is to have an active link between Cirencester and its partners Itzehoe, St Genis Laval and La Couronne..  This will include cultural visits abroad with reciprocal hostings and opportunities to share experiences amongst local people with an international interest.  There are also possibilities such as hosting work experience placements, developing links between clubs and societies and language learning.

We're working especially to forge links between schools and pupils in our twin communities!

The newly reformed Cirencester Twinning Association is in the early days of its journey.  New members are very much welcome to help the committee drive this initiative forward, and develop a thriving twin town relationship for the people of Cirencester.

Choir Rehearsal in St Laurentii Church, Itzehoe

CirenTwinning encourages Culture


Cirencester Twinning Association offers Scenery


The Public Pool at Ciren Twinning links with La Couronne


Itzehoe Restaurants


Who can get involved?

Anyone who likes travelling and making friends !

Please contact us if you would enjoy visiting France or Germany,


The Cirencester Twinning Association  works in cooperation with the Cirencester Town Council